Chart Art Fair Pavilion

ADAPT is a pavilion built for the Chart Art Fair 2017 in Copenhagen, Kunsthal Charlottenborg. It opens itself as the day warms and closes as the day cools, without the need for external sources of energy. It promotes a new form of architecture that regulates itself independently and adapts spatially as a result of its material composition. Specifically, the paraffin wax inside 48 pistons converts thermal energy into hydraulic pressure.

The facade is made from reused fishing net and bamboo. The structure contains a bar (collaboration with Absolut Vodka), an observation deck and a soft lounge space - filled with custom-made pillows (collaboration with Kvadrat and fashion designer Nina Balstrup Jørgensen).


The 2017 CHART ARCHITECTURE committee consisted of: BJARKE INGELS, architect and founder of BIG Bjarke Ingels Group; BJØRNSTJERNE CHRISTIANSEN, co-founder of SUPERFLEX; CLAUS ANDERSEN, owner of Andersen’s Contemporary; DÉBORA MESA, architect and principle of Ensamble Studio; DORTE FOSS, architect; SIMON FROMMENWILER, architect and co-founder of HHF Architects; and KLAUS KASTBJERG, CEO and director of Union Holding A/S. 

TIME LAPSE of the Opening Pavilion


Official After Movie BY CHART ART FAIR

team: Sebastian Gatz, Fabian Puller, Jack Cripps and Harry Clover.

collaborators: Malte Sehested Juul, Nina Balstrup Jørgensen 

sponsors: Bayliss Autovents, Grønne Genbrugshal, ASA Stillads Service, Plastix Global, Kvadrat, Absolute Vodka

supported by The Centre for Information Technology and Architecture