A video of a video of a video of the architectural structure of Pharos is creating a series of more and more abstracted patterns - made from the space for the space. 

Stills of the three videos showing architectural elements which increasingly get lost in the emerging colors of the digital/analog process - conceptually playing with the notion of time, space and dimensionality (of media). 

The analog tapestry and the digital image following a similar logic of order - although operating in completely different time domains. While a tapestry is constructed over months and years the digital image is provided in milliseconds.

The here described iterative process reveals the (shared) orthogonal structure in the digital image while simultaneously blurring it.

Through the tactile process of tapestry, with its analog infinite material resolution, the blurred image gets sharpened on a specific level of craft - making it work on different (spatial) scales: sharp from distance, blurred from proximity, detailed in close vicinity.

The soft emerging colors and the logic of the phenomenological dimensionality starts a dialog with James Turrell’s works, which embeds the tapestry in a broader architectural / curatorial narrative.

At the same time it is an homage to the work of Nam June Paik (by referring to his media / video art works) and Jean Tinguely (and his destructive machinery).

The proposal suggests a replacement of the tapestry every year - the new based on a digital image of the old. An infinite process of digital/analog construction and destruction - playing with the irony of time in art.