CU Forms

This project explores the direct connection of procedural design to robotic copper forming, to propose a series of ornamental table objects.

The digital design process iteratively deforms an initially flat mesh to increase its reflection. Parameters like deformation amplitude, scale, number of iterations and light directions can be varied throughout the generation process to increase the effect of reflection. Different parameters create unique versions.

Fabrication occurs through the process of Dual Robot Incremental Sheet Metal Forming. As two tools move along slightly offset paths, the copper is stretched from a 2D sheet to a 3D form. These aspects of the project are related to earlier explorations made in "A Bridge Too Far" (2016) and "Stressed Skins" (2015). Afterwards, the formed copper is cut to shape via cnc milling.


A Bridge Too Far (2016):

Stressed Skins (2015):


The project was developed at the Centre for Information Technology and Architecture at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts.