Glitch Shelter

The Glitch Shelter Project is based on a technical design-investigation, combining three-dimensional cellular automata growth simulations, agent-based modeling techniques, and glitch art (mainly image sonification). The project is looking for alternative bottom-up design methods, steered towards digital fabrication procedures related to additive manufacturing.

Shape Development

The design-space for the shelter is extracted from a 3D-scan of a forest in Switzerland. The resulting point cloud (position and color of points) informs the self-organizing cellular-automata, which were used to create a spatial void - discretized in three chambers (red and green).

The resulting voxel grid is translated into image-slides, which are converted into audio files (sonification).


By translating architectural 3D-representations into audio - new methods for form production can be investigated. The application of "echo" to the images, for example, showed interesting surface deformations and created new ways to control local geometry formations. 

Process Videos

Technical Background
Explanation of related techniques used for the Glitch Shelter Project.
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Process Images